Agilent 3488A - GPIB programmable switching

• brings versatile, programmable switching to tests requiring multi-channel measurements
• provides single switching with the integrity and isolation needed for high-performance production test systems
• offers a flexible, low-cost interconnection for automating experiments on the bench and for developing tests in the lab
• is designed to hold up to 5 of the following switch and control modules:

1. 10-Channel Relay Multiplexer 44470A;
2. 10-Channel General Purpose Relay 44471A
3. Dual 4-Channel VHF Switch 44472A
4. 4 X 4 Matrix Switch 44473A; 16-Bit Digital Input/Output 44474A
5. Breadboard 4475A
6. 2-Channel Microwave Switch 44476A
7. 7-Channel Form-C relay 44477A
8. 3-Channel 18 GHz Microwave Switch 44478A
9. 1.3 GHz 50-ohm Multiplexer 44478A
10. 1.3 GHz 75-ohm Multiplexer 44478B