Agilent 16900A - Logic analysis system

Measurement Flexibility (Configuration)

• 6-slot modular system Mainframe/Measurement Module Compatibility Table
• Supports timing/state analyzers and pattern generator Measurement Modules
• PCI expansion slots: 1 full profile, 1 low profile
• Use frame individually or connect together for complex, multi-bus analysis E5861A Multiframe Cable

User Interface

• Uses external display
• Intuitive user interface and familiarity of Windows XP Pro
• Data views: waveform/chart, listing, packet viewer, source code, compare
• Keyboard and mouse supplied


• LAN: 10/100 BaseT (optional Gbit LAN) E5860A Gbit LAN Card
• I/O Ports: Two USB 1.1, parallel, serial, external video, calibration BNC, Clock in BNC
• Interface to other instruments: Trigger In/Out, Target control port
• View Scope integrates time-correlated logic analyzer & scope waveforms into single, waveform display View Scope

Tektronix TLA704 - Logic analyzer

• MagniVuTM Acquisition Technology Provides 500 ps Timing Resolution on All Channels All the Time Through a Single Probe
• Up to 200 MHz State Acquisition with 400 MHz Data Rate Supports Advanced Processors and Buses
• Simultaneous State and High Speed Timing Analysis Through the Same Probes Pinpoints Elusive Integration Faults
• Broad Selection of Processor and Bus Support
• Up to 16 Mbits Per Channel with Hardware-accelerated Waveform Display and Search Functions to Rapidly Analyze Large Amounts of Data to Find Elusive Problems Far Back in Time
• 64 Channel Pattern Generator with up to 268 MHz and up to 2 MB Memory Depth Provides Digital Stimulus for Functional Verification, Debugging and Stress Testing
• Four Channel Digitizing Oscilloscope with up to 1 GHz, 5 GS/s Provides High-fidelity Signal Quality Measurements of Digital Signals
• Expansion Mainframe Supports up to 16 Modules with up to 2,176 LA channels, 1,024 Pattern Generator Channels or 64 Digitizing Oscilloscope channels for Large, Multiple Processor and Bus Applications
• Universal HLL Source Code Support for Correlating High-level Language Source with Real-time Trace
• Performance Analysis Support for Optimizing Target System Performance
• Remote Control Using Microsoft COM/DCOM Technology Supports Advanced Data Analysis
• Microsoft® Windows®-based PC Platform Provides Familiar User Interface With Network Connectivity
• All Modules, Probes, Software and Accessories Fully Interchangeable Between Portable and Benchtop Mainframes with Flexibility for Future Upgrades To Protect Your Investment)

Tektronix TLA5204 - Logic analyzer

• 500 ps (2 GHz)/32 Mb timing record lenght to capture intermittent events over a wide time window
• 125 ps resolution MagniVu acquisition simultaneous with timing or state acquisition to find elusive timing problems quickly, without doble probing
• Glitch and setup/hold violation triggering and display to find and display elusive hardware problems
• 235 MHz state acquisition provides analysis of high-speed synchronous digital circuits
• iView time-correlated digital-analog view to clearly see how analg anomalies are affecting your digital signals
• 136 channel configurations offer flexible solutions to fit any budget
• Microsoft Windows XP Professional PC controller provides familar user interface with network connectivity
• Remotely control and monitor the TLA over the network using either hosted mode or the built-in Windows XP remote desktop

Tektronix TLA7000 - Modular logic analyzer

K dispozici s následujícími moduly:


• 68 Channels
• 8 GHz MagniVu Timing
• 235 MHz State Clock
• 2 Mb Record Lenght


• 136 Channels
• 8 GHz MagniVu Timing
• 235 MHz State Clock
• 2 Mb Record Lenght


• 136 Channels
• 50 GHz MagniVu Timing
• 750 MHz State Clock
• 128 Mb Record Lenght
• 4 BNC Analog Probe Outputs with 3 GHz Bandwidth


• 16 Channels
• 5 GB/s Serial
• 32 M Samples/Channel Memory Depth