Digital Analyzers

Anritsu MP 1632 - Bit Error Rate Analyzer

Anritsu Mp1632a
  • MP1632C digital data analyzer, a 3.2 Gb/s BERT that not only conducts bit error rate testing but can also measure burst signals and evaluate waveform quality. Featuring a wide frequency range of 10 MHz to 3.2 GHz
  • 3.2 Gb/s PPG and ED in one cabinet
  • ED has 25mVp-p of sensitivity
  • 8Mb Programmable Pattern

SyntheSys Research BSA7500A - BERTScope Bit Error Analysis

Synthesysresearch Bsa7500a
  • Integrated, Calibrated Stress Generation
  • Sinusoidal Jitter to 80 MHz
  • Random Jitter
  • Bounded, Uncorrelated Jitter
  • Sinusoidal Interference
  • Clocks 10 MHz - 3.6 GHz
  • Max Datacom Speed 7.5 GHz
  • Electrical Stressed Eye Testing for XFP/XFI, OIF/CEI, Fibre Channel, Serial ATA IO, 10 GbE