GPS Simulators

Spirent STR4500 - Multi-Channel GPS/SBAS Simulator

Spirent Str4500
  • GPS L1 C/A code and SBAS generation
  • 12 independent signal channels
  • Supplied with a wide range of scenario test cases covering basic GNSS test needs
  • On-line scenario generation tool for additional scenarios
  • Low cost and compact
  • High fidelity, accuracy, repeatability, and dynamics
  • Interactive control facilities
  • Multiple vehicle types with comprehensive error effects
  • Assistance data extract utility provided for users working in the A-GPS arena
  • Capture receiver data plus simulation truth data in NMEA-0183 format

Spirent GSS6100 - Multi GNSS Signal Generator

Spirent Gss6100
  • Designed specifically for high volume manufacturing test applications for devices with GPS L1 C/A code receiver
  • 1 channel GPS L1 C/A code
  • GPIB (IEEE488), USB or RS232 control interfaces
  • Alternative instant start mode at power-on, based on pre-defined parameter values
  • User control over test parameters including power level, Doppler, PRN, GPS time, and data message
  • Rackmount 2U chassis
  • Comprehensive control ICD for easy integration into manufacturing test rigs
  • An in-rack annual calibration procedure
  • L1 SBAS message support